Thursday, January 6, 2011

No Objective Knowledge is Required

What is your expectation in coming to know what you are?  What form will it take?  What sort of experience will it be? 

Will it be a light, a bright light shining?  Will it be a feeling, a sensation?  Will it be a thought?  Will it be a vision of God?

If any of these come, they will come to you, to be known by you, appearing to YOU.  Still YOU remain undiscovered, still only the subject to these objective experiences.

What we are looking for is the subject, the Self.  So by what means can we come to know the subject?  Can we turn around and look?  If we see it, it's still objective.  The Self remains subjective.  Maybe we can spin around really quick and get a fleeting glimpse?

We are concerned only with knowing what we are.  Yet we are already familiar with it.   You are present and aware.  Do you not already know this?

That's it.  And is that presence which is present and aware something other than what appears?  Is that presence of awareness somehow divided from what appears?

Aren't they the same thing?  Aren't they actually the very same reality, the same IS-ness, this present "happening"? 

Without knowing anything else, it is clear that reality is already whole and you are THAT.


Jason said...

My goodness Randall, it really doesn't get much clearer than this, thanks so much, it seems so utterly simple!

This looking outwards into the appearance waiting for some kind of final confirmation of who we are is the myth, the lie, the thoughts from acquired knowledge that spin tales of being apart and the promise of finding 'home' if we can get the appearance just as we want it.

Separation never actually happened, only a believed in thought about being a someone solidified the lie in the appearance of me and the world.

There is just the mystery.

Even these words arise, dance about, thank an apparent 'you' called Randall, from an apparent 'me' called Jason, and then dissolve back into this mystery.

So thank you, thank you, thank you Randall.

Much love


Randall Friend said...


Hello my friend. Good to hear from you.

Yes, separation never happened. We start from a fact of separation and then try to heal that separation - it can not be done. We must see if there is such a thing as separation to begin with.