Monday, January 10, 2011

You are a False Idea

How far away is Oneness?  How long until you reach Wholeness?  What additional knowledge or experience is required for Limitless to come in? 

If we are looking for this, this ineffable "state" or reality referred by these words, we must come to a point where we understand that if Limitless IS, then there is nothing outside of that.  There is no reaching that.  It must already be the case.

So what IS, is limitless, already.  What IS, is whole.  What can you be in this but an idea, a thought which asserts limitation, an entity which is somehow apart from the whole.  It is only this idea which goes, gets "corrected" in realizing that you cannot be apart from the whole, that existence or Being cannot be two, is not separate Beings, separate existenc-es. 

It is the idea that you came into existence, that you are a new and independent existence, which is the only bondage.  Freedom isn't then in reaching a new state but in seeing the falseness of that idea.

Look at that idea and forget about some new state yet to come.  If it can come in new it cannot last.  Existence itself is the only reality and that never came or went.

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