Sunday, December 12, 2010

Identification is Imagination

What is necessary to reach your Self?  Are you not already present?  Have you ever not been present?

Has that presence ever changed?  No.  So what is needed other than see through the bullshit which is presently being asserted about yourself?

Are you the body or not?  Are you the mind/thoughts or not?  If this remains unclear then we're always trying to figure this out through the filter of identification, through the assertion that there is someone there, as an individual person, who is to gain from spirituality, who is to get something, who is to realize something.

We can read all sorts of flowery language about nonduality or spirituality.  We can hear of all sorts of amazing experiences and then covet those for that individual.  But it is always going to be banging your head against the wall, endless frustration and confusion - because the root of the false identity is still in tact.

You are absolutely certain that you are present and aware.  That is it.  WHAT that is, is subject to lots of imagination, lots of conceptual wrangling - that effort will always be futile.  There is no "WHAT" to it.  It is undefinable.  It is impossible to objectify in any so-called spiritual experience. 

Notice your own shining, invariable presence, right now.  Notice THAT it is - that it is invariable, always present.  Then notice the body is appearance to that.  Thoughts are appearance to that.  No matter the experience, it never affects that invariable presence - how could it?  Any affectation is another experience - you are aware of that experience - that's it. 

Your presence is the most intimate knowledge you have - that presence is conceptualized away - translated away AS the body, AS the mind, through identification with the objective.  You are never objective - no spirituality will ever make it so.

Rest in that natural invariable presence that you are.  Notice the construction in thought which ties that presence in with the objectivity - which asserts that presence upon the body.  Notice that this is false.

And in realizing that this is false - nothing changes.  You simply recognize that you were never the body, never the thoughts - you were simply always changeless, always unbound, unidentified, and free.

Right now you are there as the presence of awareness - how many ways does that need to be expressed before it's noticed?  And that "awareness" is never other than what appears.

You ARE - that's it.

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NetiNeti said...

Oh, so beautiful, so clear. The love that I am shines in this presence. So much gratitude, friend.