Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Experience Is Outside of Wholeness

What we are really seeking is the escape of limitation, escape from not being good enough, from something missing, from something not being right, from being inadequate.  We are seeking freedom.  Freedom from this sense of being limited.  But our core belief IS that we are limited by our very nature.  We believe that we were born or came INTO existence - a separate existence - and then that existence will end.

As long as we hold onto that belief, our searches are always futile.  Even spirituality is a search which is a fantasy.  Isn't it?  Isn't it a fantasy?  We hope and pray that we may discover somehow that our existence isn't limited, that it will not end.  As long as we take what we are to be limited, then how in the world can we ever FIND limitless?  Our very existence denies that possibility.  Our very existence is in the way.  Our very existence denies ever reaching limitless.

From that perspective, the search is futile.  The search is unresolvable.

There is no reaching limitless - so we can either completely give up, or settle on the only other alternative.  That alternative is that reality is already whole, that what-you-are is already limitless.  If that is so, then this present experience must already be IT.  If that is so, then right here and now, you are that.  And that is what the mystics through the ages have said - Tat Tvam Asi - You Are That.

If that is so, then right now there must only be a false interpretation of THIS, of what IS, of this moment.  It has nothing to do with any future experience - THIS is IT, only there is a conceptualization of THIS, a misinterpretation of THIS, a taking of whole reality as separate.  Is that not so?

In Vedanta it is called ignorance - ignorance of what you are.  You believe yourself to be limited, but you are not.  So the only solution is to remove that ignorance, to remove that belief.

Can we arrive at another belief?  Does one belief need to take the place of another?  No.  Only evaluate the present belief - not AS that individual, but AS the whole itself, AS the limitless reality itself.  Because AS the individual, it is futile.  It is always a self-reference, something for "ME" to get, to gain.  A "ME" is the definition of limited existence.  THAT is the belief that needs investigated.

How did this "ME" come about?  How is present reality being conceptualized into a "ME" vs. "WORLD"?

Evaluate both sides of that equation - what is a "ME"?  What is a "WORLD"?  Not what appears - appearance is not the essence - appearance is not what it IS.  Appearance is a manifestation of something.  Appearance is always changing - in fact what appears cannot BE what IS, AS appearance.  Yet it IS what IS - appearance IS reality, but taking appearance or form AS reality is to overlook the reality itself, to apply concepts, names and forms, to reality.  It is to be lost in conceptualization.

It is to be lost in a dream.

Therefore seeking doesn't progress.  It takes a step back.  It isn't an individual seeking.  It is somehow the whole itself, trying to figure out how it is fooling itself into the belief of separation - how it is taking itself as limited.

Otherwise all reference is a self-reference.  That self is the thorn which remains stuck throughout the search.  Whether we are walking or rocks or satin, that thorn remains, causing the pain.  We must remove the thorn, not ease the path.

We can use modern "Internet Advaita" pointers, or study scriptures from a thousand years ago.  It really doesn't matter.  The important point is to seek, not as that individual, but as the whole itself.

And what experience would the whole need, to validate itself?  Can there be a certain experience OF wholeness?  What specific experience is wholeness?  What does wholeness feel like?  Sound like?  Smell like?  Taste like?

The answer is always available.  No experience is outside of wholeness.

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Satya said...

Very clear.
Thank you Randall. : )