Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Effect

Are you the mind, or are you aware of the mind?

What is mind?  Mind is a word used to describe thoughts, images, memories.

Are you aware of those thoughts, images, memories?

We must say yes.  There is never a time when you are not aware of those.  There is never a time when you ARE those, yes?

So no matter what is going on with thought - you are simply aware of it.  If there is a reaction to a thought, that reaction is another thought, yes?  If there is a resistance to a thought, that resistance is another thought.

So really all that is happening, is thought, followed by more thought, that you are aware of.

That means, you are that which is aware of thought.  And no matter what the content or quality of thought is, you are aware of it.

Does it ever affect you?  What is the best or worst thought that could possibly happen?  What if that thought comes?  Does it affect you?  How?  The affect would either be an enjoyment or resistance to the thought.  That enjoyment or resistance would be another thought.  Still you are only aware of these.  So where is the effect to you?

So right now, we can say with certainty that what you are is that which remains aware of thought, without BEING thought, without being affected by thought.  Just notice this with certainty.  Just watch and see that this is always the case.  If there is some suffering, notice that it is always thought.  And see if what-you-are is actually affected by it, ever.


Anonymous said...

God damn it! it's just one thought after another...this is so funny, hehe ;)
Peace to you bro

Randall Friend said...

Hey Suki - yes, very funny. A big cosmic joke.

Peace back bro

billtys said...

Hello Randall,

I jump around from site to site and blog to blog...checking out all the pointers...

Of course I jump to your site for a bit of a look.

Invariably, you just slay every pointer around...

This latest one is a's's's the best...even though it's just a thought!

Thank you very much.

Love to you...Bill

Randall Friend said...

Hey Bill - love to you my friend.

PELON said... the grand champion. This one did it for me!! Thanx, Thanx, Thanx!

Randall Friend said...

Pelon - good to hear from you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Randall,

I love your latest blogs,and the new style of audio blogs are beautiful.

The seeking was not resolved,
The individual was disolved.

Randall Friend said...


Hello again my friend. Good to hear from you.


su said...

one thought after another.
from profound to mundane,
loving to hateful.....
arising, falling
arising , falling
and all appearing and disappearing
appearing from nothingness
and disappearing to nothingness.

so many years trying to make the 'fucked up' su whole......
like one could ever heal that which is pure identification. random thoughts

there is no suffering
there is only this......

the thought arises of thanking you for the gift you have given.
and it will disappear again ......

blessings upon blessings.

the veriword: undioted - i really like that....

Afshin said...

Dear Randall
Many thanks for your beautiful writings. Would you kindly answer this question to let me out of confusion?
Is spiritual experience related to right lobe of brain? A temporary relief from the authority of left lobe?
That is, from serially thinking, logical thoughts, self-centered perception, time making, talkative lobe …
To the holistic thinking, whole perception, no-time, silent witness lobe…
And then the difficulty that confuses everyone is this;
The silent witness (right lobe perception) is confused with the Background, the real Self.
The Background which has no qualities. The Background unnoticed by all its objects (including thoughts and feelings).
Then is this all about the change of perception (e.g. attitude, a kind of psychotherapy)?!
Furthermore, is this the final regress (The Background) or there are e.g. infinite going back?!

Kind regards and my gratitude for your reply
P.S.: I appreciate if you could also send me your reply to my gmail.

Randall Friend said...

Hello Su, good to hear from you.

Randall Friend said...


Hello my friend. Good to hear from you.

This is not about the brain or some special experience. This is not about something gained through manipulation.

This is about something so simple and immediate that it cannot be missed. It is only overlooked in the preference for some better state, for some better experience.

Right now the only true knowledge you have is that you exist. That knowledge of existence is nonconceptual - it doesn't require any thought or configuration of the brain to know. It is self-evident.

That knowledge of existence is necessarily split because that is all the mind can do - that is it's job. That division you call ME vs. WORLD.

Right now there is only wholeness - the only division is that which is asserted in imagination. Discern what is real and what is imagination, and the "Self" is the most obvious reality.

I cannot email you as there is no email address.