Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Being is not Separate

This immediacy, this IS-ness, this presence which is neither subject nor object, is unmistakable, obvious and ever-present.  Can it be avoided?  Can it be missed? 

As the waves of appearance come and go, the content of situations and experiences, it is never other than or apart from the one essence, the totality, the whole-ness that you are. 

Right now your nature is pure - complete...  obvious...  it is the most obvious thing, the most intimate.  Initially notice that what you are has no substance or independent nature yet is self-shining - immediately and always available.

Yet in trying to find it, it is missed - because the looking FOR it takes place within the LOOKING - it overlooks the capacity IN WHICH the search takes places. 

Your presence is vast and boundless - what appears has no content apart from the Consciousness itself - that so-called Consciousness is your very nature, we may say it is a modulation of existence itself - the whole expressing.

What we call the Sun, the Moon, the Stars - these are appearances of, expressions of, arisings OF your own true Self.  Calling it "me in a world" is an unfortunate mistake of concept - it brings suffering because as that "me" you are in an inescapable situation.  You were born and must await the end of your existence.  So you go off in search for answers, for some spiritual breakthrough which might break this cycle. 

But there never was anything to break, never any end to your Self, never any beginning.  You ARE - reality IS.  It just depends what you take yourself to be.

What is the real difference between "I am a separate individual" and "I am the whole"?  How would it feel to be the whole?  How would experience be different?  Can the whole experience itself AS the whole?  Or is duality a necessary aspect OF the whole?

Instead of seeking the whole, see if there is anything you can find which truly indicates your existence as a separate being.

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