Monday, June 21, 2010

You are Limitless

There are no requirements for the world, body or mind.  Nothing needs to change.  The first idea or attempt of a change in what appears is a hinderance.

What do you know?  What really do you know?  You know something - you call it "world".  You call it "body".  You call it "mind".  You call it "ME".

No matter what it's called - notice that calling it something creates the idea that it is something APART, something SEPARATE.

World, body, mind, and ideas about what you are - these are appearance - what appears is due to many things - dependent on many things.  The most basic dependency is the sense organs - without which nothing would appear.  The nature of the appearance is entirely due to the particular functioning of sense organs.  Another dependency is the framework of ideas and beliefs held in the mind - what is experienced is due to the ideas you have about it.

So we must look upon appearance as never absolute - it is entirely relative, negatable.  All worldly knowledge is this way.

Appearance is what it is - it isn't due to a single cause - the whole itself is the cause.  If we call it a "universe" then what appears in that universe IS the universe.  The universe is itself the expressions OF universe and the cause of the expressions.

Leave appearance alone - there is no need to understand it, to manipulate it.  Simply observe, notice.  Notice without the first inclination to want it to be different, to want to change it - notice without the first condition.

When this can be done, even for a few moments, a clarity comes in.  An openness.  All is allowed to BE, freely, unconditionally.  Even any arising tension or resistance is then allowed to BE, for it is part of the noticing.

Then notice, simply, without any need to understand or explain, that all appearance comes and goes within a limitlessness, within an openness, within an unconditional "space".  Notice that all that appears comes and goes to or upon an invisible yet undeniable background - we call it "subject" or "ME" yet along with these labels comes requirements, conditions - the ME or Subject is then just another limited thing within the appearance, something which came INTO the appearance and will depart FROM the appearance at some given time.

This limitlessness is always there - all already comes and goes within it.  It is never absent.  This limitless isn't reached or arrived at - how can limitlessness be arrived at by the limited?  The limited must already appear within limitlessness.

Can there be anything outside of limitlessness?  Can limitlessness have any conditions?  Can limitlessness have any boundaries?  Can limitlessness need anything?  Is limitlessness in need of Love or acceptance or attention?  Is limitlessness finite in space and time?  Is limitlessness in need of a change?

Other words for limitlessness are perfection, freedom, boundlessness, Joy, Peace, Happiness and Love.  These are all words pointing to the same "thing".

YOU are that limitlessness, right now, before the next spiritual accomplishment, before the next book is read, before the next attempt at figuring it out.  Notice this limitlessness, which IS.  You ARE.  "I AM".  Same "thing".


asis said...

The new look is great the same message is even greater! :)

billtys said...

Through these very inspiring posts, Randall Friend nails it again and again...leaving no doubt that in the pure subjectivity that we are, everything appears and disappears.

This pure subjectivity, this natural limitlessness state, contains all knowledge of the world and the body/mind...

And how would it be possible to separate this pure me from this manifestation?

Where would this pure me start and the appearance begin?

Everything that can be known, like world, body and mind, would not appear without this pure universal subjectivity.

Thank you very much Randall