Friday, June 18, 2010

Watch from I AM

What do you mean when you say "I AM"?

I AM is a confirmation of Being.  But what are you indicating with this confirmation?  A body?  A mind?

What does it mean to BE, right now in direct experience?  Without any imaginings or projections, without any concepts, what does it mean to be able to confirm "I AM"?

What is this I-AM-ness?  This present Being?  If the layers of conceptual identification are peeled back, what is left?

Stay right in that I AM-ness.  From there watch as the thoughts come and go, telling stories about this or that.  Watch as the body manifests as various sensations.  Watch as the world situation or experience changes constantly.  Watch how the mind makes the changing experience good or bad.  Watch how the body tenses in resistance to that which is disliked.

Just watch from that I AM-ness.

Soon you will realize you have never NOT been watching from that I AM-ness.

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