Thursday, March 5, 2009

The World Is You

How can the ME come about without something prior? The person you have taken yourself to be must have come due to something else. To what can we attribute this appearance?

What mechanism is functioning?

Is the sense of being a person an innate function? Is the knowledge "I AM" an intuitive sense or is it learned?

Isn't the idea of being a person separated from the world by a skin boundary and functioning through the intellect - isn't this a learned idea?

Isn't the true intuitive sense simply a knowledge of existence which precedes this "I AM-ness"?

Isn't this intuitive knowledge of existence later translated in thought as "I AM"?

Then see that this root "I AM-ness" is added on to - abstracted in concept as I AM a person, I AM good, I AM bad, I AM seeking, I AM suffering...

If we act from the assumption that I AM seeking, we are already moving from the first platform of illusion, already assuming that there is someone to seek. Then that seeker must find the answers. All spiritual seeking is done this way.

We are still standing on the first platform of illusion - someone seeking, someone needing Enlightenment.

The first platform is I AM - find out what this most basic premise is.

It is simply a misplaced identification with sensations and perceptions, which is ALL we ever know about anything. We don't really know anything at all - we only think we do.

Sensations and perceptions are flowing constantly - we call it vision, touch, taste, smell, hearing. Even the presence of senses are an abstraction - we don't have any direct experience of senses - this is only knowledge which has come to us to explain the input.

Sensations and perceptions come but we really don't know what they are. We later conceptualize them and then can communicate - yet we don't pause long enough to look at the very fact that everything we know comes this way, as raw perceptions, sensations.

The body you know so well is nothing but a bundle of sensations. How else can you know it? How else can the mind eventually conceptualize it as "my body"?

See that this conceptualization process is where the very idea of a body is created. Thoughts are also nothing but a sensation.

Every single BIT of knowledge is nothing but a conceptualization of something which we have NO IDEA what it is. We are truly and already stuck in abject poverty of knowledge. Already. Yet we seek comfort through concepts, through constructed knowledge of these "things", these sensations and perceptions.

Simply take a look - do you really know anything except passing, flowing sensations, perceptions? Can you see that these are then conceptualized into something different, something separate, something owned, something good or bad, something here and not there?

The "first" point to see is that the entire world and the "person" you have taken yourself to be, is an entirely conceptual story - a creation of mind - even mind or thoughts are known in this way - even thoughts are only sensations conceptualized as "thoughts", then as "MY thoughts", then "that thought was good, this thought is bad."

Once this is seen clearly, allowed to shine, we come to a point of realization - EVERYTHING known is primarily nothing but raw experience, raw data, raw sensations and perceptions - the entire bank of knowledge, the world as we know it, is a dream of mind.

The "next" point that comes spontaneously is that these "sensations and perceptions" don't have duration or distance - they appear RIGHT HERE - RIGHT NOW - right ON this screen of awareness - the "mountain" and the "thought" appear in exactly the same "place" - register ON this mirror...

And if that is clear, then it's extremely obvious that the very awareness on which they register cannot be different from the sensations and perceptions - the objects IN the mirror are MADE OF mirror. The appearances are MADE OF that Consciousness in which they appear.

That Consciousness or Knowingness or Intelligence or God has simply taken the shape of the world through the conceptualizing power of mind. The play of Lila.

No "out there" and "in here" - no "over there" - no separate "things" - no ME separate of the WORLD.



chrisP said...

Seriously Randall this is the most profound pointing I have ever read...ever. It forces one to go prior to everything that is known. It 'did something' here but I admit that more pondering is necessary. Yet something is registering. Thank you so much!

I feel a need to speak with you one on one in the near future....

Thanks again

Randall Friend said...


Hello my friend. Good to hear from you.

You're welcome to email (the email address is in the profile section) and we can chat via skype.