Saturday, February 28, 2009


There is a freedom, just under the covers.

A perfect allowing of whatever comes, whatever may be...

Right under the tight and tense contraction of ME-ness there is a vast, limitless freedom shining so brightly it is bursting at the seams... right under the layer of conceptual prison-bars of individual self is the pervasive and primal vastness of Self...

This Self has no bounds, no restrictions, no limits... this Self is screaming in Joy at the Love of Existence, at the pure lack of containment of Self...

This Self is not difficult to find, it is impossible to avoid - it is your very OWN SELF - that which is even aware of the supposed restrictions, the apparent contractions. Free to come and go, shout to the farthest reaches of the Universe, which is it's very own BODY and SOUL.

YOU ARE THAT. You cannot be anything BUT THAT. Right now this freedom is already here, already yours. Something seems to restrict it - something seems to hold in this freedom that is already your true nature.

This FREEDOM isn't containable, it is already shining brightly and obvious - it is simply manifesting as the FREEDOM to identify with an illusion, with the false individual self.

Scratch the surface - peck away at that individual - chip off a few pieces - use this apparent control and free will of the identified individual to take a hard look at this boundary we call the ME - it is truly transparent - truly only a false platform - simply a mistaken identity in the truest sense of that expression.

The JOY of Self is ALREADY your nature, already fully present, already one million percent FREE... this freedom isn't an achievement - it is a surrender of the shackles of the apparent individual - these are nothing but a thought.

Nothing but a thought.

You are already FREE - let the illusion be an illusion and BE what you are.

Freedom itself.


Anonymous said...

Oh Randall~ Once again

Anonymous said...

And also this 'screen of Awareness" is ever illusive. It may sound as a refuge where one is safe from whatever is changing and is experienced as fearfull for instance. But really everyone knows innately already that there never was,is or ever will be this screen of awareness. You have to be already on the so-called spiritual path to grab hold of this concept. There is this, just whatever is. Nothing to hold on to. There always will be a sense of 'going beyond' the actual experiencing when there is referred to 'the screen of awareness'.

Randall Friend said...

Yes, the screen of awareness is entirely conceptual - there is no screen - yet this focuses the investigation on direct experience, on recognizing the purity of the immediacy of this moment.

It becomes clear that actual experience is not conceptual - no experiencer (awareness) and no experience (objects). Perceptions and sensations appear within the fact or function of perceiving/sensing - this pure experiencing IS the body-mind and world.

Yet if we are investigating from the already-false assumption of ME-ness, we are forever stuck looking for Truth from within the False, looking for clarity from within the confusion, seeking Peace from within conflict. We are always looking for Answers by asking very Illusion we wish to dispel.

Once this is seen clearly, the questions aren't all magically answered, the final spiritual "state" isn't reached - all agitation comes naturally to an end - all seeking stops not because "enlightenment" was found, but because the seeker himself, the one who is seeking enlightenment, is seen as only a conceptual mirage.

No one remains to become - BEING is naturally revealed as the veil, the mechanism of illusion is revealed.