Friday, March 6, 2009

Truth dissolves YOU

Q: Hello again. I am at the end of my rope here. I just want to find the truth. I have been seeking for years and have found great resonance in your writings, but I just can't seem to get the answer. It always seems to evade me. It seems that the answer is right on the tip of my tongue or mind but there is some kind of cloud or block to reaching it. I am hoping you might say a few things to push me over the edge.

A: When the mirage in the road fails to be water, when the fear in the rope fails to be a snake, what is changed? The illusion falls away naturally. What really happened? Nothing. The falseness is seen and reality shines - it isn't created out of effort - it shines because the cloud of falseness vanished in understanding the illusion.

The illusion of a separate individual seeker prevents the shining of Reality - it is like trying to get out of a chinese finger lock by pulling harder. The harder you pull, the tighter it gets. The only solution is to stop trying.

Yet the seeker can never stop trying - that desire for Truth will come as a possession, a drive, an earnestness.... I MUST to know the Truth... so the lock tightens and tightens, ever resulting in frustration...

As the constant dead ends are encountered, as the mouse-mind bangs it's head in the corner over and over and over, eventually the search is exhausted... there is literally nowhere else to look, nothing else to read, nothing more to analyze... the very fact of trying assumes the one who wants to know, the one who wants to succeed in the search.

The very search itself perpetuates the illusion that there is a seeker, a separate individual seeking. Yet we just can't STOP! If we stop, what then? Will I NEVER find the answers?

We will never find the answers because no "seeker" can find an answer. The answer is the end of the seeker.

You can never find Truth. Truth dissolves YOU.


Anonymous said...

Hi R,
You Said:
"It shines because the cloud of falseness vanished in understanding the illusion".
BUT we can't understand the illusion. you have said so yourself. This is Not about an "Understanding", in fact it's more about ignor-ance. Does something actually "shine".... If you remember how you perceived "In your Search", you may see how this statement can create confusion... The answer is Not In The MIND, in fact, the deeper this gets over here, more "Understanding" is absolutely NOT what's happening.
You also said once, If you know the mechanics of the mind, It cannot fool you into believing that it is real. I am finding that if the spotlight of attention is shining upon the "Process" then I have become "Involved" in trying to change what is. When I (body/mind)makes even the Slightest movement towards correcting, improving or altering absolutely Anything in the "Appearance", I actually feel like I'm giving that illusion a certain reality Just By The Movement to Fix etc. Can you please comment on this babble>>

Randall Friend said...


Yes, the illusion is not understood as in mental analysis. The snake is discovered to not be "snake" simply by looking into the nature of the snake - if fear makes us turn away and run, we will forever assume "snakeness".

In exactly the same way, the ME-ness is a veil of illusion over the Self - it isn't figured out intellectually and then added on as another belief - it is simply looked into - we turn to face the illusion directly - investigate the nature of ME-ness - how does it appear? Where does it appear? How is it known? What is knowing the sense of "I AM"?

In this, the ME-ness is seen to be a conceptualization of something, an abstraction of presence, placing BEING-ness on the body-mind, which is just another object in Presence.

In this way, we don't understand the illusion intellectually - we SEE that it's an illusion and in that SEEING the illusion dissolves naturally as false. We don't have to know the scientific reasons why the reflection of the sun on the road creates the mirage, the illusion of water - the illusion falls away when we step up and try to drink. Yet even if that illusion may reappear in the road - we no longer seek to quench our thirst. We are no longer fooled by it.

The mind IS the mechanism of this illusion - it projects a conceptual understanding of the world - seeing through the illusion is simply investigating the assumptions which are created in this way - allowing them to fall away. Like a prism through which light seemingly breaks up into a million colors, the mind takes the pure light of Consciousness and seemingly splits it up into this and that, me and you, mind-body and world.

Yet the mind is nothing.

So understanding is transparent, silent - in pure silence the illusion comes and goes - the silence remains untouched.

You are the silence. Understanding is not the intellect - understanding is another word for what you are.

Anonymous said...

Thanks R>>
You Said:
seeing through the illusion is simply investigating the assumptions which are created in this way >>

Could you please elaborate on what "seems" like an "action" called investigation, as opposed to a "Seeing" which seems to just unfold naturally.
Thanks My Friend,

Randall Friend said...


It all unfolds naturally - meaning there is no one doing it - what happens, happens perfectly. Even if that happening is conceptualization, confusion, misidentification, that is also perfectly arising.

As long as there is the sense of being a person, that person will seek wholeness - either in materialism or spiritualism - once the materialism fades away as obviously a dead end, the wide-open spirituality becomes the next endeavor, a seemingly bottomless pit of pursuit, where "I" can become "enlightened". Bullshit.

Consciousness is naturally seeking it's source - that investigation is constantly going on - that is simply thoughts arising seeking the source of thoughts. The intellect, which is the false identification, seeks to know its source.

Yet the very fact that the investigation is known to arise is evidence that the Consciousness is already fully present and only ignored as too obvious, too simple.

The search comes uninvited - the mental analysis proceeds - at some point there is a wash - a point of no return - an overwhelming desire which burns up all other desires - no matter WHAT it is, the Truth must be known.

Once this desire or earnestness comes, nothing can stand in its way - no spirituality or books or teachers are necesssary - the smallest thing will do - a blade of grass, a sunrise, a simple thought, a heartbeat.

Then, finally, even the very platform, which is the base from which seeking happens, is questioned. Without that primary assumption that "I AM A SEEKER", what can we find through seeking? What answer can we find if that first and foremost assumption is truly questioned?

Thoughts have no runway on which to take off... the intellect can no longer take root as what you are, simply because there is no YOU. Now what? Now what can we know?

Nothing. We can know NOTHING! The true mystery of Life is slammed into head-first. And in this even the primary necessity of seeking enlightenment is seen as a hilarious example of the dream.

Anonymous said...

I AM Laughing~