Friday, March 7, 2008

The Spark of I AM

All that makes up this world is relative. All knowledge depends on beliefs, words and concepts.

What happens if the beliefs are dropped for a moment? What happens if the concepts are seen as relative? What happens if the words are seen only as signposts and not the actual thing, not the actuality? What happens if the conduit for all these things, thoughts, is paused?

What is the only thing you are certain of? What is the ONLY thing you don't need words, concepts or beliefs to know, to be absolutely sure of?

Isn't it the fact that you ARE? Can you deny that you are? Is this a concept? Do you need words to describe it? ARE there any words to describe it?

We say "I am a man", "I am a woman", "I am happy", "I am sad". This I AM is certain, the rest is relative - man, woman, happy, sad...

So we stay in I AM only - stop right there. Drop off the rest. This I AM is obvious, but it is still a thought, a pointer back to what is your true essence.

You don't need the thought or words to know that you ARE - drop off the word and thought "I AM" also - rest in the actuality of I-AM-NESS, which IS, prior to any words or thoughts.

Isn't this I-AM-NESS a simple knowingness? A primary principle which is always there to witness the coming and going of the world, the coming and going of the relative?

This I-AM-NESS isn't relative, it doesn't depend on anything, doesn't change, is untouchable, unshakable... it doesn't have moods, doesn't have a bad day, doesn't have feelings to hurt, isn't affected by suffering, never moves, never is added to or taken away from.

This I-AM-NESS is like a little spark - it stays put while the world seemingly rushes by. Even the appearance of the passing of time happens while the I AM stays put, PRIOR TO time. The world may appear to cover up this little I AM spark, however upon close investigation the spark is the light illuminating the world, the very principle upon which the world depends.

You know this I AM - it's inescapable, unavoidable... it doesn't need to be learned or gained or attained, isn't the product of meditation or blissful spiritual experiences. But you add all the labels to it and then identify with them and miss the already-present I-AM-NESS, the silent/still ACTUALITY which is presently seeing and knowing the sound and motion, the relative, witnessing the illusionary world created in imagination.

Realize that this world and this person are relative, based entirely on knowledge gained within the dream itself. Stories are happening, suffering and bliss take their turns. All the while, the real you, the true Self, is looking in unaffected.


Vincent said...

wow. right on target. thanks for continuing your writing.


Arguments With Reality said...

I've been feeling that I am. But what tries to push its way through is identity and form. Should I look at that because Nisargadatta said to look at that which you aren't? Or simply stay with I am? Thank you for your wisdom.

Randall Friend said...


Isn't the fact that you ARE obvious now? Do you need to try to feel that you are? Do you need any words or concepts or beliefs to know that you are? Isn't the actuality of beingness obvious?

What is this I AM? Isn't it a knowingness? What is knowing the identity and form?

Literally anything can happen in the mind, in the world - it doesn't matter what it is. What is KNOWING these experiences?

Isn't this activity of knowing happening NOW? Isn't this prior to the I am this or that? Isn't this I-AM-NESS constant and unchanging, while the world, the mind, the identifications all come and go?

Do you have to do or know anything to know that you are? Is this I-AM-NESS a thing? Or is there simply an awareness of all things?

Nisargadatta said that once you've eliminated all that you are not, what you are is obvious. Isn't anything you can see or know an object witnessed (the world, the body, the mind/thoughts, the idea of being a "person")? If you are aware of it coming and going, you must be there prior to it. Can you see THAT which is doing the witnessing, doing the looking?

So you must only be the witnessing, the present activity of seeing/knowing. This is the essence of neti-neti. Seeing the world of identification and form come and go, while knowing that what I am is not this, not that, not any relative appearance, but that which is looking...

And you are THAT - NOW, prior to and during the appearance of seeking it.


Arguments With Reality said...

Thank you. The hardest thing is that it is so simple. I think there MUST be more than that.

Randall Friend said...


Yes - isn't this what the mind has always done - make a goal out of it? Create the sense that there must be some effort, some path or acquisition of knowledge or wisdom necessary to find this "enlightenment" or whatever you want to call it?

Isn't the expectation of some blissful and permanent spiritual experience or state blinding you to what is totally obvious and fully present NOW? Can Peace ever be found (ever be noticed to be already fully present) when we're always looking to the future for something to change, something that isn't present NOW to somehow manifest?

NOW is the miracle! THIS is IT! Just the ACTUALITY of NOW - THAT which is prior to the illusions created by the mind. THAT which never changes but witnesses the changing forms and identifications? It IS that simple - it is simplicity itself.

See the false as the false, that's all that needs to be done.