Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Urban Guru Cafe" Open for Business

The "long anticipated" Urban Guru Cafe is now open for business. It is a format where clear pointers are discussed, music is enjoyed, and a place where the myths of the "Guru" and "Enlightened Teachers" can go to die.

There are initially two programs or recordings for review - some very interesting stuff and worth the time to listen.

It was originally mentioned that this was Gilbert Schultz's site - that was incorrect. Gilbert will contribute in interviews and technical matters but doesn't produce the show. I think you'll find that the presentations are very well done, however the credit for this will for now remain anonymous.

You can find the site here ====>> Urban Guru Cafe

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Gary H said...

The content and production value are amazing. Just getting copyright releases for the music alone must take a lot of work. Anonymous is both hard working and talented. Thanks..