Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Getting It" by Vince Flammini

The following is a snippet from the new blog of Vince Flammini - it's a very clear pointing - read more from Vince at Just Rest.


i really don't know what to say. it is utterly obvious that this open, clear awareness is and always has been here. but from here it is seen that EVERYTHING - including openness and clarity and spaciousness and timelessness are all concepts that seem to take form within this awareness (another concept). everything continues - traffic, noise, bother, happiness, hunger, pain in the hips, interest and disinterest, certainty and doubt, a "sense" of me and no-me, cold feet, the sound of the exhaust fan, the color of the walls, the walls, epsom salt in a plastic container, the hands on this keyboard, worry, irritation...and there is a recognition that the knowing of all of this is formless, timeless, spaceless, never-ending, and unchanging.

Just RESTING as this - and leaving absolutely everything else alone - while itself a conceptual and imperfect pointer - is all that ever needs to be done (in fact, it is all that is ever being done - the rest are the shadows and colors on the screen - there is just thinking that something else is happening).

look, even as I read this over, I think it sounds like just real, unadulterated and incredible bullshit - but it is the absolute truth - not in some plato-esque philosophical way but from the standpoint of simple, direct, first-grade level observation. this little pea-brain will never "get it." for all i know, it may well continue to try - but the SEEING of the trying or not-trying is what NEVER changes. the angst may never end for the mind (what mind?) - oh well. there is still no suffering.

as long as there is recognition (by no one) of this big, open, clear, no-space in which everything and absolutely nothing happens (that really makes no sense to the little brain, does it?), then, well, then nothing. i still have to clean the cat poop in the basement and the checkbook is still chugging along on fumes until the middle of the month.


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Rama said...

Hi Vince - The key to all this is 'recognition' right? What is it that needs to recognise the open space if everyone and everything is already that. I think that is the confusing part - yet there are moments when something is sensed by me and i feel some kind of alertness taking over everything else - Is this what recognition is and if so did I do anything for it to happen?
Thanks for your words - they are very beautiful . FOr some reason 'Just rest' - these words have an effect and feels like I am dropping everything for a moment - but what is this doing to me I dont know.