Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let Go of Death

This body-mind functions, the vital breath is present... but what really is this body-mind?

Peel back the concepts and words - stay with the wordless, thought-less actuality of what is this body-mind and see that it is merely sensations in awareness, happening NOW. Sensations of pressure, of movement, of sound... it's a flowing of these perceptions which, when the mind is used, seems to be solid and persisting. It is formed of the elements, which themselves are nothing but emptiness, energy which creates the form from formlessness.

We must make use of time to tie it all together - yesterday this body was sick, today it's better. This concept of change is only valid if we recall a minute ago, an hour ago, yesterday, last year, 20 years ago. This constant reference in time is false.

So what will this body be tomorrow, next year? Is this really a valid question? Don't we miss what the body actually IS in preference for what we want or fear for this body? What is really lost in death? Only the sensations? Only the appearance which is already false, already an illusion?

This body, and all other bodies, is already dead - bereft of beingness, missing that important principle which we've assumed it has - some separately-existing "being" bound within it's borders. The body-mind is a facade - a character in a play - acting according to the conditioning and programming it's received - functioning AS this life force, AS this intelligence energy - not holding or containing a separate entity but itself part of the whole of the universe, of nature, of God.

When the body-mind dies, nothing really happens. In the appearance, the livingness, the energy simply moves into another form, takes shape of various bacteria and organisms which eat away at the rotting corpse. Life lives through life - where can it possibly go except into itself?

The True Self is beyond - that beingness which includes but surpasses the limited, temporary body-mind appearance, that simply watches this body-mind come and go, falling away like a leaf in autumn. The leaf returns to the ground and that life force spreads back into the appearance as naturally as it came.

We're afraid of Death because we are attached to the temporary, relative appearance, bound by the concept of the separate "person". What you are cannot die because it was never born, never took up residence inside this bag of skin... what you are is the basis for the appearance of birth and death - it all appears to come and go within the reflection. What you are is NOT the body-mind - it ceases to function but who is there to be concerned?

Birth and Death happen NOW - there is nowhere outside of NOW that it can happen, for NOW is all there ever is. The body-mind which can possibly die is only a creation within the dream, a bundle of identifications and labels, a reference to a past and future which simply do not exist. Simply let go of the illusion of Death, of the dream - see it as it is, not what the mind has created and imagines.

And even "letting go" belongs to the dream.


Anonymous said...

The statement made that "The True Self is beyond - that beingness which includes but surpasses the limited, temporary body-mind appearance, that simply watches this body-mind come and go".
Isn't the body-mind needed to be aware of the beingness? Otherwise like when we are in deep sleep no-thing is aware of anything.

Randall Friend said...

Do not attach awareness to the body-mind - the body-mind is simply the projector through which the light of awareness is filtered and projected as the world.

The acquisition and accumulation of knowledge and concepts is useless - stay in that I-AM-NESS prior to words, the actuality of beingness which is knowing the coming of the waking state.

What you are seeking is already fully-present, already watching the questions and confusion. What you are is the empty witnessing of the body-mind to which you attribute this quality.

What you are can never be found in concepts or questions, because what you are is what is looking, seeing/knowing, reflecting and registering the appearance of all this.

Rest in this timeless beingness - watch the questions, the thoughts, the words and concepts, come and go.


Anonymous said...

Without the body mind you are not aware of being aware.
You cannot "rest" when in a not knowing state. The boiler plate statement does not apply in the no-thing state unless a body mind is there to be aware of the beingness/awareness. Non.

Randall Friend said...

There is no awareness of being aware. Awareness watches even the attempts at knowing this awareness.

Resting in awareness is like saying BE what you are. You cannot NOT BE what you are and you cannot NOT rest in awareness. This is what you ARE.

You are never out of this not-knowing "state", even when the mind appears to be lost in confusion, holding on to the past or grasping the future.

Awareness is only a concept. Don't get stuck with it. Awareness does not belong to the body-mind. Awareness is this ever-present and never-changing knowingness which watches the body-mind, the bundle of passing sensations which we've labeled "my body".

Discussions about resting in the not-knowing state or needing a body-mind to be aware of awareness is all movement away from the ALREADY-PRESENT being/knowing/awareness/Oneness/God/aliveness that you are.

Don't dissect this with the mind - BE what you already are. Simply notice that you are THAT which is looking, that which is registering all that happens.


Anonymous said...

It is so simple. All the mind has is the past, the learned language etc. That realm is a realm of belief. As long as that is not recognized for what it is, then the habitual investment carries on.
There is NO knower, NO thinker, NO doer.
Pure KNOWING is not knowing 'this' or 'that' - THAT can be labeled as 'not knowing' - yet that pure cognizing is a movement, an activity. There is no way that any concept can ever describe IT.
Are we like children plaing with Lego pieces (labels and concepts) trying to build a safe place to abide?
The subtle realms of belief need to be seen - and yet that SEEING needs to include the seeing of the habit of a 'seer' appearing. In the seeing of that, then a wonder of wonders reveals itself - yet it is no thing.
- Gilbert
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