Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Spiritual Path

The spiritual "movement" is a focus on ME - what can "I" do to make MY life better, to be happier, more at peace, more in touch with my emotions, my feelings, my "inner child". These processes and practices seek to let the "person" become more relaxed, more accepting of their life.

As long as the focus is on the impermanent, the results will be impermanent. Something will always come along and blast our peaceful state of mind out of it's false seat.

WHO is having these emotions, which we're supposed to try to control or accept? WHO will gain, who will become better, who will be more at peace?

The reality is that these are all movements themselves - the very "self" who would have these emotions or accept them is a FICTION. What you are is the spacious being-awareness in which these movements arise. What you are is that which sees or knows the body and it's search for spiritual gain.

And in this sky-like awareness, where is there a person who needs a spiritual path? Where is the person who needs to find it's inner child? Where is the person who can find peace?

There is nowhere to go, nothing to get - for the going and getting are all part of the identification with the body-mind, the false self. The identification with that which seemingly suffers is false to begin with. The spiritual path is running around chasing your tail.

Rest in your beingness only - in that which is seeing and knowing NOW, prior to all the spiritual mess the mind wants to dive into. This mirror of awareness reflects all equally - suffering or bliss. It reflects the so-called person going about life, suffering, searching for valid spiritual paths or teachers. It reflects the so-called person in the depths of depression or heights of bliss.

See that this "person" is only a reflection in this knowing, not what you are. Then spirituality is seen for what it really is - just another colored pair of glasses.

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