Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Nature of "I"

What is this "I"? What is it that we're pointing to when we say "I AM"?

This "I" arises in the creation of duality. "I am sad". The "I" that is "sad" arises with the feeling of sadness. Once the sadness passes, the "I" also passes. Then comes another "I" - "I was sad yesterday". This is a different "I" altogether - that "I" that was sad is no longer present. Now it's a happy "I".

Then comes the "I am seeking Enlightenment". This "I" is a stubborn one - this "I" comes about frequently - seemingly each time "life" isn't to our liking. At these times, we pray to God, we turn within, we go to Satsang or meditate, trying to get rid of this suffering. This "I" has many flavors.

Then an "I am at peace" comes. This "I" is the preferred "I". This "I" has what it wants, for the moment. This "I" has achieved something, so is in a state of desirelessness, for the moment. Then the pesky "I am suffering" returns...

Isn't this "I" only a representation of what's happening at the moment? Isn't this "I" only a reflection of the current state of mind, the present and most assertive thought of the moment?

Is this "I" real? To what does this "I" point?

Suppose for a moment that the "I want Enlightenment" gets what it wants. Will all the other "I"'s then leave you alone? Can this "I" ever be satisfied? What possible experience could you have which would satisfy this "I"?

Look to what is knowing all these "I"'s as they arise? Can you really say "I am that which sees/knows"? Don't all these "I"'s arise, these "I"'s which arise to suit the occasion, within this present awareness which never changes?

If no "I" is presently arising, isn't this seeing happening anyway? Isn't what you are PRIOR TO all these "I"'s?

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Sukhbir Singh said...

We come to realize that what we are is not an "I". Yet we are not the REALIZER, but the UNREALIZABLE PRESENCE in which REALIZATION happens.

Thank you for this powerful pointer.