Sunday, February 3, 2008

Meetings coming soon to Second Life

Have you heard of Second Life?

Second Life is an online virtual social community - you create an "avatar", which is supposed to be a representation of YOU. You pick a name, build it's physical appearance, clothes, etc. You can then visit seemingly infinite communities, interact with other "avatars", build your own house, spend "money", etc. This is all in a 3-D virtual world complete with buildings, trees, other avatars.

There have been many requests for meetings, talks, phone conversations, etc. The idea arose to utilize this technology to create meetings online. This would allow those from anywhere in the world to log on and attend a "face-to-face" meeting, and have talks about these Advaita/non-duality pointers.

Second Life is freely available at There is no cost but you can choose a "premium" plan - the nature and benefits of this plan I do not know. I elected the basic (free) plan and it works fine.

The Avatar name for Randall Friend is "Avastu Maruti". If you use Second Life, write to me and we can meet, if you wish. Group meeting information to follow soon...

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A. M. said...

YES! I have been in Second Life for a little over a year. 3 weeks ago I started a group called "Advaita Adventure". Please check it out. My avatar is Alicia Magellan. Groups can have two owners. I invite you to fill the position of owner #2. Let us meet in SL regardless of your decision. I am inworld often. IM me or vice versa.