Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BE What You Are

Be what you are.

This is all you have to do, be what you are.

So immediately the mind says - "OK! I'm going to be what I am." The mind starts creating an action plan, starts looking to the future where, at some point, I can truly be what I am.

Now what? What do I need to do, to be what I am? How do I need to act, to be what I am? What paths or practices do I need to undertake, to be what I am? What knowledge do I need to acquire, to be what I am? What books can I read to learn to be what I am? Who can I find to teach me to be what I am? How long will it take to be what I am? When will I know I'm being what I am?

What do I have to become - to be what I am?

Instead of striving to become something in the future, we instead start by deconstructing what is presently appearing, what IS, NOW.

Are the words and concepts the real? Or is the actuality, that which comes effortlessly to the senses, the non-conceptual, the real?

Isn't everything that appears only relative and dependent on something else? Isn't even the body-mind a relative appearance?

What about the "person", the ME? What is this? Is this real or only a concept, an idea, a belief? Isn't the ME still relative? Can you find this ME except in thought, except as that which appears as subject to accompany an object? - "I am sad", "I want that".

As the concepts are deconstructed, as the false is seen as false, what remains? What is unchanging, not relative to any "thing", but knows the appearance of all things?

What is reflecting the world, the body, the mind (thoughts, beliefs, concepts, memories)?

To BE what you are is to see that what you are seeking, you ALREADY are. Once the false is seen as the false, once you know what you are NOT, that which remains is truly what you are.

And that is ALREADY what you are. So BE what you are. Does BEING require any effort? Does EXISTENCE require any accumulation of knowledge? Does AWARENESS have to be found?

Can awareness ever change? Does awareness rely on anything, or does awareness simply reflect or register the relative appearances, including the sense of ME?

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