Friday, February 29, 2008

Isn't awareness prior to the mind?

I see a world made of other "people", cars, buildings, rocks, trees... is this world real? Is this world always there? Is this world what it appears? Does it matter?

It is not what I am.

I see a body, made of arms, legs, breathing, hair, fingernails, blood, bones... is this body real? Are these cells the same cells at birth or has this body reproduced itself over and over? Does it matter?

It is not what I am.

I see a mind, made of thoughts, memories, concepts, words, language, associations, beliefs... is this mind real? Where do these images come from? What is the purpose of the mind? Does it matter?

It is not what I am.

What is left? What remains when these "things" are seen as all relative, highly dependent on other "things" to exist, known only by concept and association? What can I possibly be?

What is doing the looking? What is seeing and knowing these "things"?

Can you see what is doing the seeing? Can the eyes see themselves? Can the mouth bite itself? Can the mirror reflect it's own surface?

Is an experience necessary to know what you are? How would this experience be known? What would know it? Isn't the very "I" who would have the experience also known in this same "empty space", this vast spacious screen of awareness ON WHICH the world, the body, the mind, and the "ME" appears?

Isn't this present awareness here now, looking out the eyes? Isn't this present awareness changeless, untouchable by any "thing" that happens? Hasn't this present awareness seen the passing of the "life story" of the "person"? The story and the "person" has changed, but has this knowing awareness ever changed?

Can you say you aren't aware, NOW? Isn't this awareness the only constant? Yes - this everyday, ordinary awareness of which the mind claims "ownership". Does it really belong to the mind? Or is it prior to the mind?

Does the mind have any power over awareness? Pause thoughts for a moment - in this pause, did awareness stop?

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