Sunday, February 24, 2008

Who are you?

So what is "life"? What is the "world"? What is the "person"? Who are "you"?

Aren't these just stories? Can they survive without a past and a future? Aren't "past" and "future" still only stories appearing NOW?

What are these things except stories? And to whom are they appearing?

Isn't the who, when, where, why and how all part of the story? Isn't the very one to whom these appear, to whom they apply, just part of the story?

Isn't the ME a relative part of the story?

Don't we depend on these relative appearances to define who we are? Isn't every last bit of what we've identified as ME and MINE still only a story? Don't we have a belief (something not evident in direct experience) that this relative appearance, this impermanent body-mind, is what we are?

Without telling any stories, what are you? Without looking to thought, memory, forms, beliefs, concepts, without relying on anything relative, what are you?

Aren't you only that in which the stories appear? That which allows these stories to appear? That which illuminates these stories? That which neither accepts or resists these stories?

Isn't what you are the already-present Peace in which anything can be as it is, any story can arise effortlessly, unconditionally?

Isn't what you are the already-present Love which is the single, unseparated space in which the "separate" appears?

Isn't what you are the Bliss which sees all appearances, all stories, as only God, Oneness?

If the identification with these relative things is seen as false, the question is - who or what are you?

Could the answer be - no-thing? Could the answer be - I don't know? Isn't the attempt to actually know yourself as "something" still only a story? Isn't knowledge an accumulation of "things", ideas, concepts, thoughts?

Does knowing what you are require more knowledge? Or is it the falling away of knowledge until all beliefs, all ideas, all concepts, all thoughts, are seen for what they really are?

Only a story... and does the one, to whom these apply, exist outside of a presently-arising thought?

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