Monday, January 21, 2008

What is knowing the world right now?

Look around - see what is presently arising, presently happening.

Look at the walls, the ceiling, the floors. Look at the desk, the chair, the computer. Look at the hands, arms, torso... Look at the mind, the thoughts arising, the concepts and beliefs.

Look at yourself. Look deeply at yourself. What are you? Stop thought for a moment and just look.

What did you find? You found the room, the desk, the body and thoughts. Did you find yourself?

In the absence of thought, did the person exist? Or did it come later in the form of a thought?

Is there a basic ground of knowing going on, a pristine mirror reflecting the world, a pure unchanging consciousness in which the "things" appear?

Can you separate those "things" from this consciousness? Isn't the chair only separate when we say "I see a chair"? Can you find any separation, any boundaries, outside of thought or concept?

It is said that everything is emptiness and form is emptiness in motion. Does this exclude that body-mind? Are you a separate entity surrounded by a hostile world? Or are you an inseparable part of that world?

Does the world exist outside of consciousness? Is the world anything but consciousness? What is knowing the world right now?

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