Monday, January 21, 2008

The Struggle

Walking down the street, many people pass me by. Many lost in thought, pondering the next appointment, paying the bills, meeting the expectation of boss, family and friends.

A cool breeze massages my face; the sound of car horns fills the air. The hard concrete pounds the bottom of my shoes.

The smell of garbage wafts through my nose - I turn to see a homeless man lying against the building.

The world seems to be a hard place, I feel a sense of anxiety as I try to keep ahead of the threats. I feel a deep sense of helplessness.

Rounding a corner, I see a garden. As I approach, the sight of a yellow flower captures my attention. It is the most beautiful flower, standing tall in the middle of all this struggle.

The flower takes no offense to those who pass by, with all their suffering; it doesn't put it's fragrance up in competition with the garbage. The flower doesn't mind the constant sound of horns or the hard foundations which surround it. The flower simply sits in peace and perfumes the air.

Kneeling to smell it, I am overcome by the fragrance. The scent permeates my being, fills me to the brim. "I" am lost in the moment, absorbed by the experience.

As I stand, a shift seems to have taken place. The concrete jungle isn't a wall of threatening objects, but an extension of my beingness. Each person that passes by is nothing other than my very self. It seems that God is a solid field and each object is just an aspect of God. Each thing is arising in and as my very body. This small body which I had identified with is only a small fraction of THIS.

Slowly, a thought arises that I just had a spiritual experience. Now I want it back. I want to feel that way again. I smell the flower again to no avail - I leave the flower in search of more objects. I spend the rest of the afternoon trying to get it back, only being frustrated. I head toward the subway in anger at my failure, resenting each person I pass for being in my way.


Eduardo said...

Hi pal!
I've got a blog myself at and I have been trying to make the home page one straight roll down, just like know, all topics in one only home page, without the fragmentation of monthly home do you do this?


Anonymous said...

Acceptance is a great way to go but sometimes hard to continue in that role. PC

Randall Friend said...


It appears that Blogger allows you to set the number of posts you show on your page by day, week, month, or no archiving. If no archiving is selected, it appears that all of your posts will appear. As numerous posts are added, this will make this page very long.

I have the archive frequency set to Monthly, so that all posts within the month appear and any past posts can be accessed through the "older posts" link or through the drop-down at the bottom of the right frame.

This setting is accessed by logging in to the customization setting, going to Settings, Archiving and then Archive frequency.


Randall Friend said...

To anonymous poster,

Isn't what you really are totally accepting everything that arises already? Isn't what you really are already totally at peace? Can anything shake or disturb this silent sense of beingness?

It may appear that acceptance is difficult to maintain, but that is because you're focused on and identified with the mind. Of course the mind has trouble staying in acceptance, simply because the mind's function is to seek. That seeking nature means that the mind doesn't accept what IS and wants to find more or better circumstances.

But what you really are is not concerned with any of this. Just see that this silent impersonal knowing is happening NOW prior to any seeking the mind may experience.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the worked out fine.