Monday, January 21, 2008

Just for a moment...

Instead of repeating the same thing over and over - you are awareness, you are all that appears - let's look at it another way.

For a moment, assume that what's being pointed out IS Reality. Assume that the everyday, ordinary awareness that you know so well is actually IT. Assume that this seeing/knowing/smelling/tasting/feeling is really what you are, and not the body-mind.

Assume for a moment that the only thing you're absolutely sure of, the fact of your own existence and awareness, is exactly what you are and that identification with the body-mind is false.

Assume for a moment that what you're seeking, the Peace and Love you're seeking is already fully present and has never been absent. Assume for a moment that it's impossible to lose what you are and the chains of bondage are just not really there.

Assume for a moment that this very familiar awareness, prior to, during and after thoughts and identification with the body-mind, is what all these teachers are pointing to.

What would Reality be? What would YOU be?

You would be just a silent knowing, a witnessing presence - watching all that goes on without being touched or affected by any of it in any way. You would watch the body-mind move about, you would watch thoughts, emotions, and sensations arise...

You would have no arms or legs but would watch the arms and legs move about. You would have no mind but would witness the mind creating concepts and beliefs. You would have no desire or fear but would witness the movement of desire and fear.

You would have no ability to think, only to watch thoughts. You would have no ability to speak, only to hear the words. You would have no ability to move, only watch movement. You would have no ability to suffer, only watch suffering.

You would have no ability to create stories about the past or some possible future, for what you are is only aware of the present, and aware of the past and future as presently-arising thoughts. But you would witness the stories and the obsession by the mind.

You would never die because you were never born.

You would not relate to an "I" but would witness the arising of the sense of "I" as a thought, a concept, a belief. You would find no solid and persistent entity.

You could not seek enlightenment but would witness the seeking.

You would never be subject to or affected by any experience, but might witness the body-mind having amazing spiritual experiences or awful and depressing experiences.

You could never change but would witness all things changing.

You would witness that body-mind change - you would witness that identification with the body-mind arising - you would witness those attempts to drop the self, kill the ego, attain enlightenment... You would witness the sensation of being a person trapped in a body-mind but would not be subject to that identification.

You would have no control, no ownership, no life, no possessions, no future, no hope, no beliefs, nothing to hold on to and nothing to lose. You would have no self.

And in THIS MOMENT, you would simply watch the mind flip-flopping, leaning toward this or away from that, wanting this and resisting that. Every single thing that happens, be it "good" or "bad" wouldn't make any difference or even have any meaning.

You would simply watch the attempts to attain Enlightenment - but you wouldn't even have the capacity to laugh at how much this misses the point.

In reality, this is ALREADY the case. You are ALREADY this - it's ALWAYS happening - silent pure awareness is already seeing/knowing everything, including all the searching for it. It's not something you have to find, it's something that's UNAVOIDABLE - NOW! You don't have to find it - you cannot get out of it. RIGHT NOW, seeing/knowing is happening, no exception.

But the searching assumes that something isn't right with NOW, isn't good enough, or something needs to be added or learned or gained in order to know this. Something apparently needs to be added to the experience, something apparently needs to be added to the bank of knowledge in the mind, in order to "get it". But the striving to "get it" is ALREADY being witnessed. Literally everything in experience is known in awareness, including the mind and it's reactions to what IS.

Seeing/knowing is happening now, right now, not by a body-mind, not by a person (because there is no such thing except a concept arising presently in thought), but by this pure awareness that isn't a "thing", isn't a person, has no flavor or scent or shape, has no goals, no meaning... and it doesn't have to be found or attained. The "person" is the illusion - what knows the illusion is what you are.

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