Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Permanent Amidst the Change - by Sukhbir Singh

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Everything changes. This is a fact. No thing ever remains the same. However, in order to know that every thing changes, there must be a witness that remains the same to notice the changes. This witness cannot be A THING. It must be PRIOR to ALL THINGS.

Let's make this clearer. YOU are not a THING. So what are you?

Words tend to complicate things when they are misunderstood. One of the words or phrases that have come into existence is "You are in the present moment" or "You are in the now". This is a phrase that can lead to many misunderstandings because it has nothing to do with the reality of the matter. It is simply an intellectual thought.

When you say that "You are in the now", it is implied that there is YOU and there is THE NOW. However, let's look at the reality. Have you ever NOT been IN THE NOW?

Every sensation, every experience happens in THE NOW. You have never experienced any thing that was not in the NOW. You are always HERE. The time is always NOW. You have never BEEN anywhere else! Can you see what I'm getting at? Can you see that you ARE NOT SEPARATE FROM WHAT YOU CALL "THE NOW"?

Can you see that YOU ARE THE NOW and that everything happens and changes in YOU? You have always been THE NOW and not any thing WITHIN the NOW! ALL HAPPENS WITHIN YOU, ALWAYS!

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