Thursday, January 3, 2008

THIS is your very Self

So THIS really is it...

The direct realization is just THIS - all the appearances in this present moment, the tweeting of the birdsong, the whirling of the wind against the window, the hum of the computer fan, the sensation of the mouse against the palm of the hand, the pressing of the seat against the butt, the sensation of rising and falling of the chest in breathing...

The mind labels each of these and puts them in a little conceptual box. But even the mind is nothing more than a concept, just the present arising of thoughts and memories, images and songs that get stuck and replay.

Even the mind is part of THIS, not the word but the ACTUALITY... Just what is presently known...

And in this, this very body is known as an arising, a sensation, a perception. Prior to words, this "body" is just an image, a concept. The mind has applied a schema or format for what this body is, but in the actuality of this present moment, all we can find is just sensations and perceptions.

Where outside of NOW is this PERSON you take yourself to be? And what is this PERSON? Isn't it just another thought or concept arising NOW? Where in this present ACTUALITY is this PERSON? Don't you have to go into thought, into the past and into concepts just to say there is a person here?

This immediate PRESENCE, both the empty witnessing and the entire solid block of reality, without separation, arising NOW, is what you really are. What you are is both none of it AND ALL of it. All these sensations and perceptions arise presently IN what you are, IN this present silent witnessing consciousness, which actually has no borders and cannot be separated from that which arises.

Oneness is the ocean this seemingly separate person arises in - it's like the space inside and outside of the glass. We conceptualize the glass and then think of the space inside as somehow different than the space outside. But even the glass itself is nothing other than space. So the mind creates this glass and then calls the space separate.

This points back to the title of this blog - You Are Dreaming. You are dreaming of a separate world in which this person lives, moving from past to present in search of enlightenment or peace or happiness. But the very Peace, Happiness and Enlightenment you seek is nothing other than your very Self.

In THIS, nowhere can "I" be found.


Anonymous said...

That is some of the most beautiful pointing to THIS I've ever read.

Chandira said...

Thank you.

I had the Realization of Self, This, whatever you want to call it, this spring, and it's something "I" seem to fall in and out of, but it's becoming more steady, more continuous of a place I find I'm actually arising in.

Been having an apparently tough week arising this week in my mind and body, and I needed a reminder that all that could possibly arise in me is me, isn't it? ;-)