Thursday, December 13, 2007

You are only the Knowing

Right now, you are aware. You see things, you smell things, you hear noises, you feel sensations and objects. This "consciousness" is your normal, everyday, ordinary awareness. This is unquestionable. This is knowingness - a present activity of knowing, going on constantly.

In this knowing, things happen. A car is known to go by, a voice is heard, a sensation is felt. Immediately, there is just a simple, impersonal knowing of whatever it is. That knowing is like a mirror - registering these happenings immediately without comment. The actuality of the moment is reflected in this "mirror" of knowing, effortlessly. The body-mind is also an object known in this mirror-like knowing.

Then the mind comes in - it creates or conceptualizes time and space, it creates the thought-belief "I AM" - and then comes "I AM seeing a car go by". The entire world is then an abstraction into the mind, into thoughts and beliefs and concepts. The body-mind is then labelled "MY BODY". Thoughts are seen as "I AM thinking". The very flavor of individuality, the personal aspect of the experience, is part of this fleeting appearance.

But PRIOR TO, during and after this mental abstraction, this impersonal witnessing consciousness is happening, constantly and always. It's never affected by anything witnessed. It's never changed in any way by what is known to happen. Even in extreme happiness or the depths of grief, this simple knowing awareness is happening and registering/reflecting it all without bias, without categorizing or labelling or judging.

It's already happening - NOW. It's always been happening, and it's your true essence. Just THAT - because ANYTHING else, ANYTHING that happens or is known is just a passing form. You are the KNOWING ONLY, the silent witness prior to anything the mind creates.

There is nothing more to know than this - all seeking is a search within the mental abstraction, an attempt to make this abstracted reality "better". But the "goal" of the search is already fully present NOW - without it there would BE NO SEARCH. The search arises in this KNOWING - the SEEKER is created as a presently-arising thought.

This is the Peace you are seeking - the open space which totally accepts without question or comment, anything that happens. This open space of knowing is WHAT YOU ARE - it's your true essence. That Peace is unshakeable. The mind can come in and run amok - but that effortless knowing is forever untouched, forever open to any potentiality that may arise, with absolutely NO bias or preference. Bias and preference are just mental abstraction and resistance to what's presently happening, what has happened (past), or what MAY happen (future). All these are mental ILLUSIONS.

The peace you are seeking can only be found by re-cognizing your true nature - the inherent peace you already ARE prior to the conflict created in thought and identification with the body-mind.

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