Thursday, December 13, 2007

The silent knowingness is fully present NOW.

The silent knowingness is fully present NOW.

A "situation" arises - it's only known to be a "situation" because the mind comes, uses memory (which is thought arising NOW) and strings together the past and makes conclusions presently, labels it bad or good.

This "situation" is resisted - something about it goes against the mind's preference. It's labeled "bad".

The body reacts with a sensation - a heaviness or a tightness - all a sign of more resistance.

Then the mind further labels this thought-sensation as "angry" or "afraid" or "jealous"...

Each aspect of this presently-arising "situation" is arising RIGHT IN this SEEING/KNOWING awareness. The knowing is not affected by any of it, is not changed or moved or caught up in any of it. The knowing is the very basis or screen against which this "play" of the mind is going on. If you're watching a horror movie in which people are being hurt, does the movie screen ever get touched? Light and movement play across the screen but the screen is the very background on which the movie is seen.

The world, that body-mind, and anything that arises, is all a play. What you are is the background nothingness or knowingness or silent space in which it all happens. But you cannot find it tomorrow or next week or after 20 years of meditation. You can only find it RIGHT NOW, as the screen of knowing.

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