Thursday, December 13, 2007

A lot of talk about nothing

It seems all this talk is really about nothing - it's a total negation, constantly pointing beyond anything that is perceivable or conceivable. The teachings ask that you drop everything, all thoughts, all concepts, all beliefs.

So how far can we go in this dropping of what we perceive, believe and think? Is there anything you're holding on to? Do you have a mental image of what it means to be enlightened? Do you have a strict image of what a guru is supposed to look and act like? Do you believe that you have to practice some sort of method to "attain" a spiritual state?

Do you see that form which is called "my body"? Do you remember those stories called "my life"? Do you believe in an entity called "ME"?

All the pointers are doing is pointing past any of these thoughts, memories, stories, concepts, beliefs.... pointing directly to THAT which is ever-present, THAT which KNOWS these appearances, THAT which is inescapably the common factor in every single perception - even the perception of that changing flow of elements called "body". In THAT, the present thought "I AM" is also seen to come and go.

Questions about this arise in THAT. Doubts arise in THAT. Happiness or sadness arises in THAT. Enlightenment and delusion both arise in THAT. So a "thing", any "thing" is known as a form arising - it arises PRESENTLY in THAT. So we're not talking about a THING, an experience or a state. We're really talking about NOTHING - no-thing, the total negation of all appearances of form or experience or belief.

Through negation of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING known, in seeing through of the beliefs and concepts the mind has created, THIS may be found to have been there all the time, never changed, never born and never to die.

It is the form that is born and dies. And form happens in THAT - and THAT is what you truly are, beyond any form.

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