Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nothing else to know

What is presently in awareness?

A computer screen, fingers on the keyboard, slight sense of heartburn.

This is exactly what you are seeking. There is nothing else to find, nowhere else to go, nothing else to get.

The belief that there is some further meaning, some greater Enlightenment, is the basis for the search. And in this search, there is a denial of this very MOMENT. The search is for the sacred in the future. This simply will never be found.

As we exhaust the possibilities that we will find blissful Enlightenment at some point in the future, if I do enough mantras or meditate long enough, it becomes increasingly obvious that THIS VERY MOMENT is the only thing that exists. The past and future are only thought arising PRESENTLY. Time seems to move but it's ALWAYS NOW. Time never moves.

As this sinks in, the question arises - what am I? Everything I've built this "ME" out of is based in memory, in stories, in things I've possessed or things I've done or things I want to do.

This desire is like a whirlwind that continues the farce of the "I".

It's so extremely obvious that it's overlooked. Where can "YOU" exist if TIME is an illusion? The only thing that is known is presently arising thought, perception, sensation... the mind takes these and bundles them together and labels them "body" and then later "my body".

Even the mind (or thought) is just a sensation arising NOW. Where is the basis for the identification? We have to go into memorized definitions of words to even know what to label anything.

PRIOR to ALL of this, there is a basic knowingness, a simple ordinary awareness which is registering each sensation, each perception, each thought, each label, each identification. ALL is known in this space of knowing. And this registering is happening spontaneously, effortlessly.

Anything known, including the sense of being a person, the sense of "I", the sense of being in a body, the sense of anything, happens in this space of knowing. It's the screen against which everything registers, like a mirror.

This empty knowingness is what you are - prior to the sense of being a person, prior to the sensations which are labeled ME or MY BODY. The "body" is just a bundle of associated sensations - it's not what you are.

Seeing is happening presently. There is nothing else to know.

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Nehemiah said...

everything arising in No-Thing...beautiful...