Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Each Step is God

The Search for God - this has many millions scrambling, doing all sorts of practices, restricting their diet and their dress and their behavior. They also create rules by which others must live in order to be closer to God or to gain God's favor. All religions seek to be closer to god.

Every single atom of this "universe" is God. There is nowhere that you have to go to be closer to God, nothing you have to do to be closer to God. For God is what you are made of, God is what you ARE. You cannot EVER be separate from God.

If God is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, how can God be anything but what you are? How can God be omnipresent but not EVERYWHERE, including that body, those thoughts, that sense of being a person, that search for Enlightenment, the suffering, ANYTHING perceivable or conceivable cannot be anything but God.

God is a term that is highly overused and has various definitions depending on the religious slant. But God is none other than the actual intelligent knowing in which this world appears.

Peace comes when it's realized that every single "person", every single "situation" is all only God. God is doing it to Himself. So why worry? Why suffer?

Some call God - Oneness, Awareness, but it doesn't matter what label is applied, for that very label is also God.

And in this realization that all is God - there is no room for a separate person, a "life story" that has any meaning. It's all happening in and as God.

As we walk through the appearance of this "life story", we are anchored in Peace in the understanding and realization that each step we take IS God. Whatever IS, IS God. Who's to find a problem in that?

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