Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who is looking?

Who's looking? Who's seeing? Who's reading this?

I AM! That's the mind talking...

What is this sense of I AM that keeps popping up? Can you trace it back? What is it pointing to?

There is a simple ordinary seeing - happening before the I AM appears. This seeing/knowing/being-ness is prior to mind, prior to experience, already existing, never born, never beginning, always already the case.

"But I can't see it yet!" - Yes, that's right. YOU can never see it because YOU appear in it. The concept of YOU is just a thought, just a memory, arising in this knowing, arising presently in thought. The knowing of this thought is what you are, NOT the thought or what it appears to refer to.

"I need to do more investigation" - Yes, do more investigation. Go off and meditate or repeat mantras or visit Gurus in Satsang. Go off and ponder the meaning of life. Go off and "talk to God", as if God was something separate from what you are.

When all this seeking is seen to be going in circles or always ending in a dead-end, maybe the search will stop for one moment, mind worn and frazzled. In this pause, a simple looking happens. A simple ordinary awareness of being - no different than what is present right NOW, only THIS was never good enough, never Enlightened enough. NOW will be ignored in preference for some blissful experience that always seems to pass and then we're right back to THIS, ordinary beingness.

You can never get out of NOW - you can never lose awareness. This empty space of knowing is always fully present and the basis for anything that may arise. This seeing/knowing is what you are - NOT any object that may arise in this simple looking, but the very looking itself.

Ask WHO is looking out those eyes...

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