Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Screen of Awareness

Look RIGHT NOW at what is happening, what is appearing. There is a form, a "body". There are thoughts. There is the appearance of a computer, words on the screen. There are sounds, sensations...

This is all the manifested - but how do you know it? How do you even know that "body" or thoughts?

All objects appear on the screen of present awareness. The body is known as a form appearing to the eyes, as sensations arising, like the feeling of the rear end pressing into the chair, the itch on the nose.

All these perceptions arise presently in awareness, like a movie playing on a screen. The sensation of the body is equal to the sensation of sight of these words on the screen. They arise EQUALLY in awareness.

It is the MIND that says the body is ME and that computer is over there, when in actuality, both these sensations or perceptions arise equally. We IDENTIFY with the sensation or perception of the body and thoughts but not of anything else.

What you are, your true essence, is that which KNOWS these perceptions, that which is SEEING. There is no "I" seeing a "computer". There is only the seeing, happening presently. That's it. Anything else added is only the mind.

The entire WHOLENESS of it is only arising presently in awareness. To separate or define any of it is being caught by the illusion.

And even awareness is not separate from it.

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