Sunday, October 7, 2007

My World

I met a man who did not exist
He said he was never born

I saw his body, I heard his speech
Yet he wanted nothing from me

He said the person was an illusion
The very self I thought I was

The world is made up of mind
Thoughts create the sky and earth

I looked inside for this person
To show him he was wrong

But to my surprise I could not find
The person I took myself to be

All that I saw was the seeing
All that I knew was the knowing

All that I was, was nothing

Now I walk with this man
Two bodies with no soul

God moves the breath and the mind
Empty space is my home

If you ask, I was never born
If you worry, I will never die

Each appearance is my body
Every thought is my mind

There never was a man
And never was a ME

Now the only thing I can find
Is the sound of the breeze through the trees

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