Friday, September 28, 2007

Video of Gilbert Schultz

There is a video now out there of Gilbert Schultz speaking at Bob Adamson's place during a meeting.

If you aren't familiar with Gilbert, he edited and helped create Bob Adamson's first book, What's Wrong With Right Now. Gilbert has since written a couple of books and released a few audio CD's which are all excellent.

Gilbert was very gracious and patient in helping this character of Randall to see through the illusion created by the mind. Gilbert also made the introduction with Bob Adamson, who was also very helpful.

The video is extremely clear and direct pointing to that which is your true nature, always available, unavoidable, the very basis for any experience.

Follow this link for the video:
Gilbert Schultz Video

Here's the link to Gilbert's site:
Shining Through The Mind

And the link to Gilbert's books:
Beyond Description Publishing - Gilbert Schultz


Mary said...

Thank you Randall, for this video - great stuff!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

He's fine on the video but when you correspond with him he's a sarcastic, obnoxious, insulting prick.

Randall Friend said...

Gilbert - did you write this!?!

Yes - I'm sure he can be all these things. As we all can.

I can say my experience with Gilbert has been that he's very gracious and patient to a fault, as this dream character "Randall" struggled with the Advaita teachings.


berrywild said...

2 Anon- c
'Pleasure' puts you to sleep and 'pain' wakes you up.
(the 'Niss')

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that comment about Dilbert is completely untrue!

Anonymous said...

Gilbert is indeed a prick. His sanctimonious rantings combined with his phoney piousness is sickening.