Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Too Simple for the Mind

What we are pointing to is far too simple for the mind.

The mind's function is to filter, analyze, conceptualize, link one word to another in attempt to define. It ties what is going on RIGHT NOW with a memory or image or stored knowledge, in order to make it fit into the world view or paradigm that is currently believed.

The teachings use "neti-neti" or not this, not that, as a way to point to that which you are NOT. It may be a current belief that I am a person, in a body, using a mind to navigate through the world. I am a man or woman, I work as a consultant or a hair dresser or a janitor. I am married, divorced, single - I have 2 children or 7 grandchildren.

We believe we are these things. Neti-neti says I am not this, not that. It is a negation of anything that arises, right down to the very body and mind that we have identified with.

When we start to question these appearances - we may see that any object or definition or concept is fleeting, changing, temporary, impermanent. Even this body-mind mechanism is not what it appears to be. But still we KNOW these things.

The question, then, is what is KNOWING? There is a sense of empty Awareness or Consciousness. This Conscious Knowing is seeing all these objects. It is not an object but is the very space in which all these objects arise or appear.

This can be seen RIGHT NOW, in fact RIGHT NOW is the only time that exists. RIGHT NOW is the only reality. RIGHT NOW is what's really going on. Any definitions or knowledge can only be found by going into mind and referring back to a memory or an identification.

Seeing this clearly is what all this is about. Once seen clearly, NOW is the only existence - this immediate PRESENCE is all there is. Of course thoughts still go on, but it is clearly seen that these have no power, don't really take us anywhere out of RIGHT NOW, unless we believe the thoughts.

This empty witnessing Consciousness or Awareness in the immediacy of this PRESENT MOMENT is all that exists. Can anything possibly exist outside of NOW? And can you see that ANY reference to ANYTHING else is false and mind-created only?

And the core false reference is the "person". If there is nothing outside of NOW, where is the person with it's history, it's problems, it's life story? Where is any of it? Any suffering can only be a reference to a past or possible future, and there is NO REALITY in it.

Just rest as the pure empty naked spacious witnessing PRESENCE or Consciousness that is KNOWING in the immediacy of this very moment. See the arising of thought as outside of control with no power. Life goes on and there is no longer a problem for anyone.

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Vincent said...

Wow - a very clear pointing. Simple, direct and obvious. your pointing is like a white hot furnace that incinerates any arising. thanks for writing. i look forward to your posts.