Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Resistance and Control

Our lives are dictated by Resistance and Control.

We feel as if we have some level of control over what is going on. And if something appears that we don't like or feel it isn't as it should be, we resist, sometimes mentally, sometimes physically.

All this activity is based on the false belief in the self or the person living in the body and separate from the world outside.

In seeing through this false belief, it is crystal clear that there never has been anyone in control, never has been anyone at the wheel. The attempts at control and the resistance to what IS simply falls away.

So "life" as it appears can become much more fun - we aren't concerned about how we look and if we should change it. We aren't concerned with what others think of us. We don't try to control every single aspect of "life." This is all seen as totally false.

And we become anchored in Peace, because we know there is no person there who is affected by the appearances of the world. It's all a dream appearing NOW - and all seeming separate "pieces" are only Oneness appearing as two. We are Brahman, we are God, we are One.

Any questions, any doubt, any suffering or bliss, can only arise in this Oneness, AS this Oneness, as part of this dream.

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