Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Be Silly

We are sucked into life - caught by the appearances. We place meanings and values onto each appearance.

As a child, we did not know that it was bad to be late with a mortgage payment. We did not know that we should save as much as we can because we don't want to be old and poor. We didn't hold on to each material item like it was a rare jewel, afraid it will get broken or stolen or lost.

We simply existed in the moment. We looked at each appearance as it arose in the moment. We didn't self-censor our feelings or urges to laugh or be silly.

Now, as adults, we feel we must be in control, must not be silly, must not show too much love, must not do this or that. We puff up our chests and act like professional adults.

And then we suffer. We suffer because we're stressed at trying to control a world that we really can't control. We suffer because we really want to be childlike and silly and the world (or our perception of the world) tells us to be serious and in control.

So what happens if we're late on a mortgage payment? Maybe we totally stop paying it and now we're homeless. We're sleeping on a park bench. But we no longer suffer, because we no longer need anything or fear anything. We know it's just a dream.

We lay on that park bench without a dime to our name, and amaze at the beauty of the stars in the sky.

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Jim Keller said...

Hi Randall...thanks for your site and insight. Yes...silliness...or that wonderful, light spontaneity or not a careintheworldness. Yes, certainly more lightheartedness is present with me. Seriousness does still arise...but doesn't stay as long. Loving every moment...unless this i appears to forget. Jim.