Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Question

Q: How can you be this intelligence that does everything when you don't know how you do it? you didn't cause the sun to rise this morning. are you spinning the earth? causing plants to grow etc. you're not doing any of that so how can you claim to?

A: There has never been a claim that "I" am doing any of it. That intelligence-energy is DOING this very body, this sense of I AM, AND spinning the earth, plants, etc. That intelligence-energy IS this body, earth, plants.... There is no ME as separate from it doing anything, causing anything, controlling anything. There is no ME apart from ALL of it.

This sense of I AM - this is the same I AM but appears to be looking out of the eyes of Tom and Randall and all apparent "others". But in reality there are no others. There is Oneness, God, the Absolute, whatever label you wish to apply to that which is indescribable, appearing as the many.

If I walk through a crowd, all I see is God. There appear to be different bodies and planets and animals and rocks and computers... but there is no actual SEPARATION except as a mental concept. And that concept arises, just like all the rest, in this spacious, empty witnessing consciousness which you are.


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