Thursday, October 18, 2007

Post from Gilbert Schultz

This is a post copied from Gilbert Schultz's site - Shining Through The Mind

This deserves to be read as it is extremely clear and direct.


Bob's new book is about to go up on the site for ordering.

It is called "One Essence appearing as Everything". - It is a potent book and will prove to be quite popular once word gets out about it.

Some requests for more notes came in. - What has not been said already? - How many times is it necessary to hear or read this stuff. - I am quite amazed at how the expressions keep spilling out here. - There appear to be so many ways to 'point' at IT. - It is extremely simple and yet that is why it is so difficult to see - it fact it cannot be seen and there is no seer to see it. - It is that which is seeing. - Knowing that, then all one needs to do is see that everything appears in THAT spacious awareness. - There is nothing that can appear anywhere other than in awareness.

Everything you see is actually awareness appearing as this and that - and 'you' cannot separate what you see from what is truly seeing. - Awareness is SEEING. - Awareness is also appearing as every thing. - This is obvious but thinking about it makes it seem complex. - It is thought that appears to be complex. - We take the concept to be real and get into trouble.

There is no separation anywhere - and so there cannot be any separation between these two aspects of awareness. - What you are APPEARS to be an individual, yet when you investigate it, you find nothing of any substance except the apparent substance of experienc-ING - which may appear to you as a like dimensionless membrane between these aspects - awareness and 'things'. - You and the world. - But are you separate from any of the elements, air, water, earth, fire (the body is warm from the inner fire) or space?

The body is a living vehicle which appears to be a host for awareness - yet it is nothing but awareness.

One can sense the living force pulsating therein - Because there is awareness of that life force, it means that what you are is even prior to that.

When that single cell divided after fertilization there was no true separation - it was totally happening within a vast integrated wholeness - No Boundary anywhere.

The world cannot appear unless what you are is there first - yet the world is nothing but the immediacy of THAT appearing as OTHER - What is truly One - appears as multiplicity.

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"Those who know do not speak, those who speak, do not know" (Lao Tzu)