Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's all a dream

Recall a recent dream. There was a character at the center doing some activity. This character was thinking, moving, even making decisions. There was a world consisting of other "people", objects, the sky, buildings, etc.

Upon waking, we realize that it was only a dream. Sometimes it feels so real that we question whether it really happened or not. But then we come to our senses and realize it was only a dream.

But if that dream character could think, make decisions, move around... where was this happening? If this can be so real, maybe the "waking" experience is also a dream?

In this immediate moment, prior to the mind creating time and space and separation and a "person", what is really going on? What can you say about it? Time STOPS, because it's only a concept.

This "picture" before your eyes, actually containing the eyes and the body, along with thoughts, is part of the dream. Anything that happens is just part of the dream.

It's all self-contained, all Oneness. Nothing is happening outside of this dream. And anything that does happen, never affects anyone because there is no one in the dream to be affected.

The world is a dream and the YOU that you have believed yourself to be is just part of this dream. It is possible to wake up within the dream and know that anything arising is just dream-stuff.

So just enjoy what arises - you can't control it and you aren't in it as a separate person.

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