Monday, August 20, 2007

A Walk Alone

I walk the street one nice spring night
Cool breeze on my face
Crickets chirping, flowers sleeping
But still perfume the air

Gazing up to the stars
The sky seems so distant
Yet close, like a shimmering blanket
Nestled over my world

Full moon shining bright
Shadows dancing gracefully
Peace fills my heart
Playing a beautiful song

Stopping, looking without thought
Past and future have no meaning here
Where do I end and the night begin?
The world is the only presence tonight

The cool breeze doesn't stop
The crickets continue singing
Flowers never stir but
The fragrance still is sweet

The moon smiles wisely, no shadow is cast
Under this warm blanket of stars
Nowhere can I be found
To enjoy all this beauty


Anonymous said...

Walk around Darfur or Bhagdad and tell us of the 'beauty'

Randall Friend said...

You've created the world... If you don't like the world - change it... you're free to do so at any time.

If war and violence are not acceptable, change that within which is aggressive, angry and violent.

It is the illusion of separateness which leads to war - but even the death and chaos is only an arising in Awareness. WHO is there to call it good or bad?


Anonymous said...

To Annonymous Complaint.
In any need to be told anything by anyone is the sense of separation.
What you are is before the concept of separateness appears - it is the mind that seemingly divides THAT which is truly one - and THAT is ALL inclusive just the same as that space of clear knowing, before thought appears, is ALL inclusive.
Gilbert - Shining through the mind.
Smart arse comments can only come from the mind - so stay there if you want - but you will only end up gnawing away at your own bones ans complaining about your suffering.

Anonymous said...

"Smart arse comments can only come from the mind - so stay there if you want -"

Like there's a choice! Who can choose to leave the mind? Who can choose to 'wake up'?

Randall Friend said...

Gilbert's point is - ANY commentary is of the mind, positive, negative, even "smart arse" - seeing that what you are is beyond the mind is the point.

"You" have no choice - because there is no you. There is no one to choose to leave the mind or choose to wake up. In reality there is no waking up because what you are is already present - no need to wake up to anything. There may arise a spontaneous seeing or "shining through the mind" - even while the mind is in full bloom and running amok, what you are IS and includes all the comments, all the choices and non-choices.

Anonymous said...

Use the mind to know the mind to get beyond the mind. There is work to be done. By whom ?
By the one who believes in his thoughts. The ego mind must think itself out of existence (false self). Then who you truly are (beyond thoughts) can be seen. The mind is not the problem, who you think you are is.