Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Realization is:

Moment-by-moment knowingness
Knowing that I am not this, not that, as it arises
Resting in that which knows the world
Not knowing anything
Seeing the Absolute in the different
Seeing that difference is not separation
Being no thing
Being everything

Realization is not something attainable, achievable, persisting, permanent, solid, empty, formed, not formed, knowable, teachable. Realization is not given by grace, arrived at through hard work, stirred through the chakras, induced in meditation.

Realization is simply the activity of knowing all that arises without bias, opinion, labels, concepts, paradigms, beliefs, truths, distinctions... Realization is knowing thought without BEING thought. Realization is pure, naked, unmodified, untouched present, ordinary awareness, prior to, during, and after any thought, image, or form arise.

Realization is not a permanent state nor is it a state at all - it is the undeniable and obvious fact of existence, timeless being, pure simplicity... Realization is only NOW, and NOW, and NOW, forever and ever NOW... not one second in the past nor one second in the future. Realization reveals that NOW can never, ever be moved away from for one instant.

Realization IS as these words are read - you are seemingly missing it by running off in all directions in thought. Under that static of thought, timeless peace, love and freedom invite you to just STOP and re-cognize THAT which IS.

And in THIS, even the concept of Realization is meaningless...

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