Friday, August 17, 2007

Good News

We are faced with a troublesome situation, an uncertain time. Something is wrong, somebody is sick, we may lose something.

Our first thought is to pray. We kneel down or just close our eyes, we may place our hands together and bow our head. We ask God to help us, to show us the way, to protect us or our loved ones. We have a feeling of helplessness - not sure our prayer will be answered.

Look deeper within - don't just try to talk to God, FEEL God. Feel your connectedness to God... Feel that within you that animates the body, causes the blood to flow and heart to beat. Feel that which you may call intuition - when the mind is withdrawn. Touch that within you.

God is the emptiness between the atoms, the space between thoughts. God is the silent background upon which all thoughts arise. God is the knowingness within you - the beingness which is your true nature.

Why look outside yourself for help when God is in every cell, every nerve, every particle. Your peace and happiness does not depend on anything - you are essentially peace and happiness. Only beliefs and concepts seem to obscure this. But what you are is shining brightly, illuminating all the apparent problems and suffering you are experiencing.

Why continue to rely on Faith in something you can't possibly know, when God is closer than your own face.

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Anonymous said...

Then SEE that even the 'feeling' itself is appearing within THAT - you cannot slip a micron between THAT and what you are.
- Gilbert - of 'Shining through the mind'.