Friday, August 17, 2007

The Search for God

What is the this search we speak of? We talk about Advaita, but how many know of this non-dual path? Many more have heard of Zen, maybe Taoism, Dzogchen...

Many in the West follow beliefs such as Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism, and others. They look to a God to protect them, to answer their prayers, to fairly judge them after death comes, to allow them entry into a place called "Heaven."

But where is this God? Is He somewhere in the sky? Somewhere in another dimension? In an alternate Universe? Is he invisible? Am I a creature and He a Supreme Being?

We accept the concept of God because we're taught to. We really have no evidence that God is - we are taught to have Faith. But if we have Faith, why are we searching?

The good news of the non-dual teachings is that there is a way out of suffering. The essence of the teachings is that God is not separate from you. God IS the world, including the body and mind you know so well.

This intelligence has formed the world, moves the world, creates it in every instant. If you look closely, you'll notice that most of what you observe goes on by itself, with no controller. If you look even closer, you'll realize that even that body and thoughts go on without anyone manipulating it.

God is what you are, is what everything is. There is no "person" in the body, no owner of the mind. The world is the body of God. You don't need to look to God, pray to God, hope God judges you fairly, for you ARE God.

So WHO suffers? If all is God, where is the suffering? There may be an appearance of a circumstance which, according to a relative belief, may not be as expected or wanted... but how can anything be wrong if all is God? How can a non-existent "person" ever suffer?

Go deep within and find what is looking out of your eyes right now. You may find that the only thing you can find is the entire world. And that entire world is just THIS PRESENCE, God, or whatever label you want to use.

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