Monday, August 6, 2007

NOW is all there is

Be still - just watch thoughts if they arise. A sense will arise that NOW is all there is.

Just THIS - NOW - whatever is happening - the sounds, the sensation of the body pressing to the chair, the feeling of the breath, light emanating from a screen, curved lines called "letters and words".

Where is the past? Where is the future? Does this moment ever change? Does time ever really suck you into the past or future? When you remember the past, what is happening? Thoughts. That's all. And those thoughts are simply arising objects within present awareness. Still this moment. The only thing apparently added is thought. The sounds are still there, the sensations, feelings, lights, all still there.

This is the most simple thing to see - it is only when we allow thought to carry us away that this NOW is seemingly obscured. But in reality those thoughts are just happening NOW.

You never move away from NOW, not one instant have you ever not been here-now. Just see this - see that the thoughts never took us anywhere.

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