Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Coming Home

Walking through the world, I stand tall and proud
Sunlight warms my face, the flower perfumes the air
Watching a bird fly through the air, I feel at peace

Doubts arise, my thoughts spill over
The past races back, regret consumes me
Uncertainty makes every step a land mine

Wrapping up in armor, I face the world
Unsure of its intention, I prepare for the worst
Trouble passes, once again my peace returns

Holding on to this peace, it slips away
Thoughts race to compensate, what do I do?
Once again the world is against me

Where are you God? Aren't you looking out for me?
Why is suffering around every corner?
What must I do to find my way home?

My mind races, bounces off the wall
Where is the answer hiding in all this fog?
I will turn my soul inside out to find what I am

A voice speaks from the unknown
An invitation carried on the wings of a dove
Is this coming from outside or in?

Awareness is my nature? Look for the person?
I'm right here!! Can't you see me?
My body is right here...

Am I this body? Is that what I am?
Am I these thoughts? Do I come and go?
I am aware of the body and thoughts, but somehow I'm different

Every thought is reviewed, each emotion is evaluated
Is this person I take myself to be in the mind? In the body?
No matter where I look, I can't find myself!

The person is found to be absent
Like the water in a mirage, it was believed to be there
But when investigated it was not real

Seeing this, what need is there for questions?
Knowing this, why continue the search for peace?
Being this, all separation falls away as false

There is no longer anyone to walk through the world
The world is my body, the Sun is my true face
I fly through the air, I am Peace

I've come home to a home I never left

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