Tuesday, August 7, 2007

No Methods

There is nothing you need to do to know what you are.

You do not need to meditate, read books, undergo shaktipat, arouse your kundalini, receive grace, have a spiritual experience, settle in to a blissful state, establish a permanent good mood, or sit at the feet of a Guru.

What you are is already WHAT IS - there is no finding it, there is no attaining it, no achieving it, no establishing in it, no purification needed, no baptism, no confessing of your sins, no accepting God into your life.

You have never lost what you are - you could never lose what you are. You are seeking because you feel you aren't connected, you feel you don't know the answers, you think you need more information, you believe there is something that needs to happen, something you need to get, in order to make you whole, to make you a better person, to get you to Enlightenment.

See that all these concepts are totally FALSE. There is no you to get anything, no you to attain, obtain, achieve, learn, reach... There is no method you can possibly utilize to discover what you are. All methods are a denial of WHAT IS - a statement that something must be done in order to find what was never lost.

You can either continue seeking until you run out of gas, then as you're resting in your exhaustion, you may realize that what you're searching for ALREADY IS. Or you can just stop now and SEE.

SEEING is happening - whether that is a mind in overdrive or just a simple knowing that what you are is already present. It doesn't matter. You are ALREADY what you seek.

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