Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Naked Awareness

You are caught up in thought. Thought creates your world, creates apparent separation through words, labels, concepts. All experience in this moment hits all at once. The mind comes in and separates after the fact.

Just stop for a moment - let go of thought for a moment. What is happening? Sounds, sensations, light reflecting off apparent forms. Movement is apparently happening but what is it that doesn't move? What is it that is aware of all these sounds, sensations, light, movement?

When that thought is paused, what are you? If you still ARE without thought, then you are NOT thoughts. You are not dependent on those thoughts. They arise but you ARE before, during and after thoughts.

In that clear naked awareness without thought, what IS? Isn't it just awareness? Isn't what you really are just this awareness? Isn't what you are the very basis for all that is known, for all that arises, including thought?

Isn't this clear, naked awareness always there? Has it ever NOT been there? This is what you are....

You are not the thoughts, you are not the body. You are the present, naked awareness, simple ordinary awareness of whatever IS, in THIS VERY MOMENT.

This has been overlooked constantly because it is not interesting. It has been overlooked in preference for the movement, for the forms, the CONTENT of awareness. But that content cannot BE without awareness. In fact it is not separate from awareness. It IS awareness. Content is dependent on awareness, but awareness is not dependent on any-thing.

Just see this clear present naked ordinary awareness. It IS what you are.

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