Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nothing is Happening

I cannot be known. I am total nothingness. I do not exist. Existence presupposes SOMETHING that exists - I am NO-THING.

I was never born - I will never die. Birth and death are only concepts within what I am - only happen to forms within WHAT I AM. Birth and death cannot touch me.

There is no movement - for something to be known to move there has to be something standing apart separately to know the movement. In what I am, there is nothing to move.

There is no form - all form arises out of myself, within myself, not known outside of myself, for there simply IS NO outside.

I create the world inside of myself - I create a Universe full of Galaxies, planets, a world inhabited by people, trees, all sorts of forms. I create the world so that I can have an experience - I must create evil so that good may be known. I must create war so that peace may be known. I must create up so that down may be known. But all this apparent creation only happens within WHAT I AM. There is nothing outside to know this creation. All knowing happens within what I am.

I am vast silence, infinite space. I am NO - THING. Any THING is both not what I am and also exactly what I am. This is only a paradox for the mind.

In what I am, nothing is happening. All thought, beliefs and concepts are apparent veils over what you are. The only veil is the belief that you are this body-mind. Give up thought, belief, concepts, identification with the body-mind - come home to what I am, what YOU ARE, what you NEVER LEFT.

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